Prayer & Share

Prayer and Share (P&S) is once again taking place at the Memorial unit after a long Covid suspension, but in a modified format:

There are 2 venues from 2PM to 4PM each Saturday. Two volunteers are needed inside the Chapel plus two are needed at the Trusty Camp at the same time. We are limited to two volunteers at each venue, so a roster/schedule is prepared to ensure we have men present in the right numbers, at the right place, each Saturday. Wade Brehm schedules our volunteers and can be contacted by email at

In order to participate in the activities above, a Kairos Inside team member must be a current TDCJ approved volunteer and be on the Memorial Kairos gatelist. You will not be allowed into the facility if not on the gatelist as one of the selected volunteers for that week.

Guidelines for Prayer and Share (P&S)

Call Memorial Prison at 281-595-3465 to make sure the Unit is not under a lockdown or situation that would prevent P&S

For Saturday P&S, arrive by 1:45PM. Park and lock your car with the windows up!

Bring with you:

  • Driver's License

  • Car Keys

  • Agape Posters if Available

Saturday Memorial Chapel & Trusty P&S:

  • Prayer and Share 2:00-4:00PM

  • Sign-in to Volunteer Log if Available (name, time)

  • After Check-in & security clearance you will be escorted to the Memorial chapel or Trusty area

Ten minutes prior to departure:

  • At 4:00PM circle up and sing "Surely the Presence"

  • May need to be flexible according to Unit needs and allotted Lay-In Time.


  • Escort needed back to Sally port or exit

  • With driver's license in hand proceed to exit area & sign out on the volunteer log near the security check-in area

Mail Signed Agape Posters to:

C J Salzman

KOT State Agape Coordinator

9326 Vander Rock Dr

Hou, TX 77095

For some actual Agape posters recently created by our Kairos graduates see Memorial Agape.


We are Guests of TDCJ Memorial Unit