Attend Closing

Next Closing is Sunday October 30, 2022 — Arrive by 1:30 PM at front gate for security screen!

The Deadline for Receipt of the Closing Application is October 3, 2022

Want to come inside a maximum security prison for 2 hours and see God at work?

The Memorial Team Invites all to come join us in a Celebration and witness what GOD is truly doing inside the prison during a Kairos Weekend. Anyone with a Texas Driver's license who is 18 years or older is eligible to come inside (you must submit the application below). What you will witness is 42 men who just completed their “walk” sharing a brief testimony of what these 3½ days meant to them. It really is something to see - make it a little mini-mission trip and car-pool with other church members. It is an experience to go inside a maximum security prison but more so it is truly a touching event that you will never forget.

What to expect:

A blessing in realizing what Christ's love is and how it changes lives even in prison. It reminds us that God's unconditional love can change the hardest of hearts & shine light into the darkest places. It is something special to see and you should leave feeling truly blessed and uplifted by the upbeat closing events.

How to attend:

The closing ceremony takes place on Sunday afternoon at 3 PM in the Memorial chapel and lasts 2 hours. Note: You need to arrive at the unit by 1:30 PM for security screening. To attend a closing ceremony you must complete and submit an application form before the deadline posted, usually 4 weeks prior to the actual date of the closing. Last minute additions are not permitted. On the other hand it is not a problem if you apply to attend and then are unable to make it. So we encourage you to apply early and put the date on your calendar. Here is how the application process works:

There are several ways to apply, but in any case you will receive a reply & additional information if your application has been received. The closing application is available at the bottom of this section for downloading and digitally filling or printing and completing manually.

  1. The pdf "Closing Application" is fillable but must be downloaded and saved to your computer or mobile device and then opened with adobe acrobat reader for this function to work.

  2. If the application is completed manually, please print legibly with black ink if possible.

The completed application can be submitted by email or regular mail to the address on the application or brought to one of the team meetings.

  • Remember the application must be received before the posted deadline. After our coordinator receives your closing application form, you will be notified either by email or postal mail with further instructions. If your application is submitted by email we will acknowledge it has been received. Normally, the acknowledgement email will be sent the same day; however, this is a manual process so it could take slightly longer.

  • The warden will follow TDCJ procedures in approving applications received. It is rare, but if the warden does not approve your application, you will be notified. You should receive an approval notification along with the "Letter of Orientation for Special Volunteers" and "Helpful Info for Kairos Visitors to Memorial Prison" which can also be downloaded below.

  • When you arrive at the unit, you may have to initial a form that says you have read the TDCJ policy letter regarding your conduct while in the unit. You should download the "Letter of Orientation for Special Volunteers" and read it before coming to the unit.

  • Please read the "Helpful Info for Kairos Visitors to Memorial Prison" regarding guidelines for vehicles entering TDCJ property & what to bring and how to dress while attending the closing.

You can contact us at with any questions about the process.

The pdf file can be viewed by clicking here on Closing Application. The open file must then be downloaded and opened with Acrobat Reader to make use of the fillable property.