FAQ Memorial Kairos Team

How can I become a Memorial Kairos team member?

Submit a team application for an upcoming Kairos Weekend

How can I become a prison ministry volunteer?

To be eligible to go inside Memorial prison for the weekend, new team members must also complete TDCJ training, instructions here

Why can only men serve on the Inside Team at Memorial?

The inside team refers to the volunteers that go inside the unit to deliver the weekend program. It is a Kairos rule that inside teams match the gender of the prison being served. For memorial, a men’s prison, the inside volunteers are male. For the outside support team participation by all is gratefully accepted. All may attend the Closing on Sunday afternoons.

What is involved in volunteering for an Outside Support Team?

The Outside Support Team prepares all of the meals for the 3-day Weekends for the 42 participants and the inside team members, who eat all of their meals within the prison. The team works out of Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Santa Fe, TX, with volunteers delivering the meals to the prison. The support team also prepares the cookies, the Agape (Prayer chains, placemats, posters, meal tickets, and letters) which have been donated for the weekend. Each team member will be assigned to a team, such as the Agape Team or the Cookie Team.

What else is required of a volunteer?

It is important that all of the volunteers for both the Inside Team & Outside Support Team attend the team training meetings as preparation for the weekends. Within these meetings important information is provided, such as individual work assignments, guidelines for volunteering within the Memorial unit, practical tips, as well as team members getting to know each other as fellow Christians.