What is Agape?

The letters, posters, placemats, cookie bags, prayer chain, etc that we commonly refer to as “agape” are, in fact, only the visible symbols of the agape love being offered. Actual “agape” is the love, prayer, and sacrifices offered on behalf of others, often unknown, unconditionally, in accordance with the example of Christ’s agape love for each of us.

Agape is a greek word that roughly translates to an unconditional gift. You may have heard the term "Agape Love" which refers to unconditional love or the kind of love that God has for us. For Kairos, Agape means cookies, brownies, children's artwork, and whatever else the Kairos teams need to make the men and women participating in a Kairos weekend feel the love of God. There are plenty of different types of Agape that you can make and a few examples are listed below:

Posters - Wall Agape

These posters express God's unconditional love and grace for everyone. The most meaningful for the men is something that is drawn or hand written, especially by children. Posters can be made by classes, groups, families or anyone who will express God's love. You can use pens, markers, paint, crayons, or map colors only on plain white 8" x 11" or 11"x 17" paper . Please DO NOT use glitter, glitter pens, or glue anything to the posters.


At every meal served at a KAIROS weekend, a placemat is included. These are extra special pieces of artwork usually colored by children & senior citizens. Often the inmates will be allowed to keep these placemats in their possession. We have seen a child's placemat be an instrument God uses to soften the hearts allowing God's love to enter. Our Kairos team will provide the 11” x 17” placemat forms that need to be colored. The more colorful the better. Include only the FIRST NAMES and AGE of any child. Use map colors, water colors or washable markers. DO NOT glue anything to the placemat, DO NOT use glitter or stickers. A child tracing around their handprint with a simple "Jesus loves you" is also meaningful and is amazing how God can use it to touch a man's heart.

Cookie Bags

Each Kairos candidate gets to take a bag of cookies with them each night when they leave the community room & return to their “house”. These cookies are placed in white bags that have been decorated with drawings of Christian themes & colored similar to the placemats. See our team for bags that you can color & return.

Agape for Download

This agape was created with love by our Memorial agape team & signed by our Brothers at Prayer & Share. You may download for use on your 4th day walk by clicking on the down arrow to the right.