What to Bring and How to Dress at Memorial Prison

Firearms, tobacco, & alcohol are not allowed on TDCJ property. Do not enter TDCJ property with these in your vehicle!!

Visitors must be at least 18 years of age. The beds of trucks shall be free of garden tools, clothes, or anything that could be used as a weapon or aide in an escape. All tools in the bed of the truck shall be secured. All vehicles on TDCJ property are subject to search. A guard will inspect your trunk when leaving. After parking, all visitors shall ensure the vehicle doors, windows, and trunk are secured and locked. When you go into the Memorial unit - bring only your Texas Driver’s License and car keys. Electronics devices that have the ability to connect to the internet or communicate with other devices through bluetooth etc. including cell phones, fitbits, smart watches, and headphones are not allowed; regular watches without this ability are allowed. Medicine including prescriptions, money, billfolds, credit cards, purses, money clips, knives, sharp objects, food or drink, chewing gum, and the like are not allowed inside the unit & must be left in your car before you enter the front gate. Self-check your pants & coat pockets for any items that could be overlooked. These items cannot be left with the guards or even discarded. Umbrellas are allowed but must go through security check & then be placed near the front doors by the guards. Remind each other of these rules & perform your own pre-check when you gather at the front gate before entering.

Best policy dress conservatively!

Inside Team:

  • Shirts must have collars & no or minimal logos

  • Jeans & khakis are okay

  • No shorts

  • Shoes must be worn & be close-toed shoes only

  • Minimal jewelry

  • Do not wear white shirts or pants as this is the color of TDCJ uniform

Support Team and Guests for Closing:

  • Dress modestly, dresses, plain slacks or pants etc.

  • Men do not wear white shirts or pants

  • Nothing short, revealing, or suggestive

  • Shoes must be worn & be close-toed shoes only

  • Minimal jewelry

  • No excessive makeup

  • Men must wear collared shirts

  • No shorts

  • No or light cologne/perfume

See other helpful information at FAQ Memorial & FAQ Kairos.